Dont get a bad experience again - use Selleck Home Services.

Have you ever had ...

Wet carpets that took days to dry?

Carpets that go brown and patchy after cleaning?

Carpets that get dirty quickly after cleaning?

Sticky or smelly carpets?


How to avoid these problems:

Not at all carpet cleaners are the same. You need a certified technician. One who has been formally trained and qualified by examination. One who can identify the correct cleaning requirements and procedures that best suit your carpet.

You need a technician who will clean to Australian Standard as a minimum requirement. This standard is here to protect you by outlining guidelines for correct cleaning and maintenance procedures. A true professional can show you a copy of the standard for your perusal.

You should ask any prospective carpet cleaner the following questions prior to allowing them into your home:

  • Are you a qualified ACCI technician?  Ask to see their photo ID and certification.
  • Do you clean to AS/NZ3733 - 1975?
  • Can you provide me with a pre-inspection and obligation free written quote?
  • Do you offer a genuine guarantee? 

Selleck Home Services are your local ACCI qualified technicians.

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